Phonebook of Electromagnetic Field 2022

472 extensions found.

6687 Mouse DECT handset 🐁 Western Spiral Arm
4774 Graham DECT handset ⛺️
5000 Andrew-Youth DECT handset Youth
5731 DECT handset You wish.
5391 Lex B DECT handset York Hackspace Village
7890 Stary DECT DECT handset York Hackspace
6502 Mike SIP telephone World
5382 Space team basecamp SIP telephone Where we left it.
2211 Announcement Welcome to Zombocom
2747 SIP telephone Universe
2100 samw DECT handset under a dome probably
6939 Bonzi - Definitely not Hurricane Electric DECT handset UK
6420 Bonzi GSM handset Uk
5040 MattP SIP telephone UK
4050 Matt DECT handset UK
8802 jpwsutton DECT handset UK
2277 Bar Managers Callgroup The Robot Arms & Cybar
8055 Alistair's Phone SIP telephone The Northern Quarter, EMF 2022
5501 The Northern Quarter Callgroup The Norther Quarter, EMF 2022
2846 CuppaMatt DECT handset The Field